They call us the smallest big agency in town.

We’ve worked at big advertising agencies and value what they do. In fact, we’ve followed their lead in providing clients with the highest level of strategic thinking, creative executions and media buying efficiency—it’s just that we do so with a more intimate group of experts and a more approachable process.

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When a company embraces a revolutionary new way of doing business, word needs to reach the masses or there will be no revolution.

#1 Cochran Work

Long before the NFL’s infamous elevator video, we were making the public aware that some relationships are not as they appear.

Women's Center Campaign

We believe that if you start a project with sound thinking, you’ll finish by succeeding. And so it is with our most recent campaign for Range Resources.

Range Resources Campaign

Featuring videos on your website is more popular than ever, but production value matters. Make sure you don’t lowbrow your own brand.

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B2B work excites us. Every brand, product or service faces its own unique challenges and we enjoy finding our own unique solutions.

B2B Work

The health care industry has seen many changes but the need to communicate with patients is still as standard as the stethoscope.

Health Care Work

We think highly of high-level thinking.

With our strategic experience and valuable research tools we can see what others can’t. And more importantly, we know what to do with what we find. That means after we do our deep dive you’ll have a sound strategy in which you can put your full confidence. That’s a great place to start, but of course, our thinking doesn’t end there.

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Media buying is an art unto itself.

Don’t think for a minute that creativity only exists within our creative department. Our media experts are always coming up with unique ideas that push the traditional media-buying envelope and get our clients noticed. Big Picture Media Solutions now has more research, planning and evaluation tools than ever before, allowing us to buy smarter and bring you added value at every opportunity.

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